Operation SNAP

Operation SNAP is a response to increasing submissions of video and photographic evidence relating to driving offences that members of the public have witnessed. Until now, these reports have been submitted to the police in all sorts of ways and so a streamlined process has now been developed to deal with them. This will hopefully make it easier for all involved. Please complete the form below and upload your footage to us.

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Your details

Your address and contact details are recorded separately and this personal information is protected and will not be disclosed to the other person or their solicitor. Also, witnesses are not usually asked to give their address out loud in court. The defendant or his or her solicitor is normally told the name of any witnesses.


PLEASE NOTE : Operation SNAP deals with traffic offences, it is NOT for submitting footage of RTC's or public order offences, any reports of parking offences should be referred to the relevant highway authority in the locality where it occurred.

Do you know the offender?(Required)

By making a report under operation SNAP, you understand that you may be required to attend court in order to confirm the information given in your statement. The police will be able to support you through this process. Please note that not all cases will be heard in court. Please select an option to confirm you understand and are willing or not willing to attend court(Required)

Upload your supporting files

DO NOT alter the footage before uploading, this includes adding voice overs or adding inline comments.

Footage uploaded MUST be raw original footage, with NO EDITING of any kind.

DO NOT post the footage on social media – if you have done so, please remove it.

DO NOT delete the footage from your device.

Please be aware that your device may have recorded you and that the actions of all parties will be reviewed and action taken as appropriate.

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Is the date/time displayed on the footage the same as the time at which you stated the incident happened above?(Required)

Should you have any issues with this form, please contact the relevant Police force on Operation.Snap@south-wales.police.uk (This covers both South Wales Police and Gwent Police), operationsnap@northwales.police.uk, opsnap@dyfed-powys.police.uk


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